Friday, July 4, 2014

A Day of Images

I had a fantastic time seeing the fireworks today. They were so beautiful and sorry to say but they have completely outdone the Bay Area.

It was one of those one of a kind experiences which you never get to repeat. I headed out with a pretty large group of people, 9 of us in total, but I came back with 6 of them. I met one of these girls on an RA trip and she was nice enough to introduce me to the rest of her friends afterwards and has invited me to some outings with them. Each time it's super fun and I'm liking this experience with other students at Columbia much more in comparison to high school at the moment. I'm able to enjoy my independence to have my own opinions and surround myself with positive and intelligent people. :)

I also got an opportunity to visit the MET museum again. I saw all of the exhibits this time! there were times when I thought I was finished but I would end up in a completely new section that was totally stunning. Here are some of my favorite pics from each exhibit!

I know this blog is full of images, but that's what my day was really about. It was highly visual and it was a nice contrast to the past few days that I've spent inside. Toodles :)

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  1. I'm so glad you got to see more of the Met. It's so huge that after 2 days there I still haven't seen it all. Your pictures make me want to go again!