Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Beginnings of Our Goodbyes

Today was a rather happy and sad day.

Nothing really exciting happened until after dinner, when I strolled around 72nd street with one of my dormmates. It was a nice post-dinner walk; we window shopped and peered into all the cute bakeries that we were too full to even think about eating. As we were getting back, rain was pouring and drenched us as we walked just a couple hundred feet to our dorm. I really don't like this random New York summer rain.

We had a pizza bonding night tonight, since one of our dormmates was leaving early. This was such a sad thing, to have to say goodbye, and even worse, having to say it early! We all sat around and said something about everyone which, as cheesy as it sounds, was really nice to hear. We have all made such great connections and bonds here, its hard to let that go. We all spent our last night with the whole group giggling and sharing silly stories about each other. I cannot stress how lucky I am to have had such a great group, and wonderful RA.

That sad part of my day wasn't necessarily a bad kind of sad, We were all very sad that our dormmate had to leave early, but we were grateful for the memories that we had made together. All the happy times certainly were not forgotten. 

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  1. My hotel is in that 72nd st neighborhood! I love it here. It's so close to the subway, great restaurants and a wonderful market!