Monday, July 7, 2014

Precious Moments

My paper is coming along pretty well and I'm excited for our possible field trip to an actual court case hearing. I don't remember ever going to one and for the longest time I believed that they were not not open to the public. Apparently, that's not true, so I'm definitely going to learn more about how a trial is held. Today we spoke about a person's rights to privacy and how intrusive police officers can be when they are searching for evidence. If evidence is wrongly found through an intrusive search by a police officer, it cannot be counted as evidence. I thought this was somewhat strange but the Patriot Act seemed to go against this Constitutional right. It is most likely because of the time that it was signed but I was shocked about what it gave officials access to.
My afternoon wasn't only about getting my paper done. My friends invited me to go explore Central Park and I if you remember I've only be to Strawberry Fields so far.
We ended up at the play structure, and like the kids that we are, we had a lot of fun. We kept on walking and ended up lying on a grassy field in the park. We got to see people playing soccer, frisbee, baseball, reading, sleeping, eating, etc. It was such a relaxed atmosphere and the other people coming toe the park seemed to be in a place that was distant from the outside fast paced feeling of New York. 
We all took the subway back and capped it off with what, can you guess? Chipotle! I even got to check out the secret menu this time and ordered a "quesarrito."
Hope you liked my blog today, toodles! :)

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