Friday, July 4, 2014

The Real Big Shots of NYC

I wish I could call myself a big shot in the concrete jungle, but to be honest, I cannot compare to the absolutely amazing people I have met in this city and the different outlooks on life they have given me insight into. Today was one of the best days of my life. It started off at five in the morning when I woke up along with my roomie, Keira, to head to the Today Show to see a free concert of Ed Sheeran with some friends. We arrived in Rockefeller Center slowly and with drowsy eyes. The idea of a hurricane loomed over us and we worried as Ed Sheeran came out and sporadically performed popular songs for the anxious crowd. It was awesome, but not having eaten before hand, I was exhausted so I left early and went to the famous Magnolia's Bakery for breakfast and afterward it was back on the subway home. I met new people on the trip from Columbia and I always love how everyone I meet is nice and fun to be with.
The decoration and crowd for the Today Show

After a short nap to make up for my missed, I headed to the Met with Monica and Michelle to finish up the museum and make up for the exhibits I missed the first time. I was so happy with the exhibits but once again I realized how immense the museum is and just how tiring it is. Nonetheless, I enjoyed seeing the exhibits, but my favorite part was seeing an artist replicate a beautiful sculpture almost exactly. It was the most impressive thing I had seen on my trip in New York. But, that changed once the sun went down and my experience of Fourth of July in New York City began. 
To start off the night, I headed with Keira and Emily to dinner at a nice and quaint restaurant across the street called Le Monde. It was delicious, but that was just the beginning to a night that was definitely one for the books. After dinner, we headed on the subway and ended up meeting with Michelle and later a few friends to watch the fireworks by the Brooklyn Bridge. Unfortunately, our view wasn't too good, but it didn't matter to me because I was so immersed in the moment. I was in New York and I was by the fireworks and could see most of them. I have loved fireworks for as long as I can remember and I couldn't have asked for better company. 

To finish the night, Emily, Michelle, and I rushed to the subway and made for the Empire State Building. We tried our best not to get sidetracked, but the beautiful architecture and stature of the building was captivating as well as the shops lining the avenue. We made for the entrance at around 10:30, keeping in mind that curfew was at midnight. We said, "bathroom, 86th floor, picture, and we'll back home." But luck doesn't come in threes and we had a setback and we knew we wouldn't make it up to the observation deck and back in time for curfew. Waiting for Michelle to get her ticket, Emily and I met only one of the inspiring and amazing humans of New York: Gordon who works for the Empire State Building. Firstly, he was the first New Yorker I met with a New York accent. Secondly, he had a rocking mustache. Thirdly, he was very funny and nice. And lastly, his son is working for Google after graduating from Yale (his son got recommendations from Gordon's buddy Alec Baldwin and two senators!!!). He gave us special privilege to the top of the building, letting us skip lines in order to make it for curfew. I felt privileged just being in his presence, honestly.
The Empire State Building tonight
Emily and Gordon being awesome on the ride up
Being at the top of the Empire State Building was the perfect end to the perfect night. I knew what to expect: a view of the city and some wind. This time, I was right about what to expect, but on completely wrong standards. The view was breathtaking and the wind was less than flattering for me wearing a skirt. Overall, I did not want to leave, but my fear of curfew overpowered that feeling. At 11:15, we rushed out of the building, down the fastest elevator in the world and hailed a cab, making sure to thank Gordon on our way out. For a few precious minutes being above the lights with the wind on my face and beauty before my eyes, I was on top of the world.

The view! (That's the World Trade Center in the back)
My reaction to the view!

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