Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sweeter than Sugar

Waking up to my last day of class was a little hectic. I went down to the first floor to print my paper, but the computer lab was covered in another group's luggage! Right when I printed my paper, I spotted a typo on the fourth page, so I fixed it, but I couldn't reprint my paper since I exceeded my printing limit. Luckily, my classmate was with me and she had a few extra pages on her account. We rushed to find a stapler and rushed to class. Everyone was on time to turn in their papers to Doctor Porwancher. For the first and second half of class, we watched JFK. One of the articles we read was about the way the movie changed the way the American population viewed the conspiracy theories. The movie was pretty complicated and it lasted over three hours!

Before leaving class, Doctor Porwancher made some comments to our class. He started off by saying that we were his favorite class (yay!) and then he gave us words of wisdom. For us rising seniors, he wished us the best of luck in applying to colleges and told us to e-mail him about where we end up going. We've had a few talks about college and the admissions process in class before, too. Hearing Doctor Porwancher praise us meant a lot to me. He doesn't seem like one of those emotional people and he's incredibly smart, so everyone in the class really appreciated his praise. I think it's safe to say that we all started to feel sad by the end of the speech and we just took turns thanking him and Emily--the TA. They've both been so nice and supportive of all of us. I truly enjoyed Presidential Powers and I felt that I was able to get to know the teacher, TA, and other students on a more personal level.
Caroline, Yasmin, Lyra, and I in front of Lowe Library (the girls in Presidential Powers)
After class, I met up with Emily and her friend to go to SoHo. Everyone I know here has already visited SoHo multiple times, but here I was, still unsure of what SoHo even was! We mostly went on a hunt for sweets! First, we went to Dominique Ansel. There were so many cute and delicious pastries! I split a "Mademoiselle" with Emily. It was two cream puffs that were intricately put together. Our second stop was Georgetown Cupcakes. All of these desserts were so sweet and tasty! 
The Mademoiselle

A lava chocolate cupcake
When we got back, we got ready to go to the schoolwide dance. A lot of people showed up and the theme was "Red Carpet". It was fun to dance with Emily, Keira, Lisa, and a few other girls. We didn't stay for long, so we went back to pack and hang out with our hallmates. One at a time, the girls are leaving because we all have different flights. Sammy left at 9 PM and our friend Eugenia just left. She's going back to Venezuela and we all started crying in the hallway. It's very sappy, but these girls have been so sweet! We have a group text named "RA Sisters" and I really do feel like we've gotten that close. We're able to stay up to talk about anything and we're always there for each other when someone is having a bad day. We ended the night by ordering Insomnia cookies again. It's sad to think that I might never see these girls again. There's only a few hours left until we all have to say goodbye...

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  1. While I'd love to comment on your newfound BFFs, your class and the fun times you had, I'd rather comment on those great looking sweets. They look SOOOO good. So much better than what I get at Costco.