Saturday, July 5, 2014

Trying To Understand

Went on a mini adventure today to get to the Museum of Modern Art. We went through Rockefeller Center and saw some of the shops there like Versace and Burberry. I was able to go inside the Versace shop and I swear as soon as I got in there they gave me a crooked look. I felt really low class when I saw a tie that cost one-hundred twenty-three dollars. I had to leave that store immediately not even worth it.

Right after we arrived at the museum, to our convenience we got free admission for being Columbia students. I'm liking this university a lot, especially for all the cool privileges. I can see this networking business going on already, because all the museums are free to the Columbia students. In any case, I got to the museum and my first question was, "How do I appreciate this art, what do I look for?" I asked the security guard and lucky for me he was a painter himself. He told me that he focuses on the brushes and the difficulty of blending every stroke; Joyce's husband was there too and he told me to pick something I like in the art and try to find out why. At one point there was this flat whiteboard that was on display, and I had no idea that it was considered art even though there was no color in it. I thought of it representing the painter's emptiness and that what he was feeling was just lost in space.
Rockefeller Center

Pablo Picasso

To end the day I went to hang out with these new friends and we went to go get Insomnia cookies.

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  1. I like the way you are expanding your views about things by asking other people about what they think. That's the best way to learn--remain curious about everything!