Monday, July 7, 2014

Holy Cannoli!

Lecture went as usual today, but since my TA was unable to make class, my professor taught instead. This was really nice because compared to lecture class, we had a more one-on-one with him; after all, it was 140 students versus 19. We were free to ask whatever questions we had (as always), and we also discussed some of the issues brought up in the assigned book, The Price of Inequality. He asked us why inequality was so detrimental to society and why it should not exist. Every single person who contributed quickly got rebutted. My professor kept arguing the point of "Why should I care if that poor person does not make enough money to sustain themselves? That's not my fault!", but ultimately, he revealed that the whole problem behind inequality was that it was not very morally accepted in our culture. Hearing how economics trickled into behavioral studies was very interesting!

After all my classes, I headed to Little Italy with one of my dormmates. It was quite a walk to the area, but it was worth it! We visited the market, ate some pizza, and stopped by a pastry shop that was definitely a hole-in-the-wall. The pizza was good, but compared to Lombardi's, it was not quite on the same level. The desserts that we got, however, were very good! I liked the system in which customers ordered; they had very small servings of each dessert, and customers could pick out however many they wanted, they would just have to pay per pound. I got a small square of Tiramisu and a chocolate mousse eclair. Both were very good! 
Look at all there is to choose from!
When we arrived back to campus, the Karaoke event had just started in my dorm lobby. I stopped by and stayed for a couple songs, but then headed up to my room soon after. I didn't know many of the songs they were singing, but it was fun watching everyone have a good time being silly! 

A few hours later, at curfew, my whole RA group met up for some bonding over ice cream sundaes. All of the people in our group interact pretty often; adding ice cream to the mix just made everything that much better. Lately, we have all been conversing a lot more, and it is sad to think that just when we are all getting to know each other, we have to leave this place soon. Oh Monday mornings at Columbia, how I will miss you.

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