Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lightning Strikes

Everyday keeps going by faster and faster! It's unbelievable that we're already halfway through our course. Today in class, we went over an article about Theodore Roosevelt. In 1937, the Supreme Court was shooting down his New Deal plans, so he came up with a scheme to add Justices. Instead of consulting a large group of people, he kept the plan in secrecy. Only his attorney general, Homer Cummings knew about the scheme. Cummings was actually only helping former President Roosevelt because he wanted to become a Supreme Court Justice too. Scandalous, right? Now we're really getting into some of the nation's secrets. Doctor Porwancher continued by going over guidelines for the essay. I spent my two hours of research time with my debate group. We have to pretend to be attorneys and Justices tomorrow. The issue is about whether a family should be able to change their child's birthplace to Jerusalem, Israel, instead of just Jerusalem.

The day was so hot starting from morning until noon. Emily and I decided to go to Shake Shack with an RA and four other girls. Shake Shack is the East Cost version of In-N-Out. Both of their burgers are good, but they do taste a little different. I like the variety of foods on Shake Shack's menu though. They have custards and tons of milkshakes. There was a vintage store a block away from Shake Shack too. Most of their stuff was porcelain though, so I didn't buy anything because I don't think the items would survive the plane ride back.

It started pouring while we were out. We saw lightning at least ten times. Thunder kept booming as we tried to rush back to the subway station. Even now, the lightning is still flashing. Rain, thunder, and lightning are definitely not common in Pinole during the summertime. The weather was so strange today. I almost felt like I was going to get sick from being hot in the sun, cold in the air conditioned buildings, and soaked in the rain. I feel a lot better after getting back to the dorms though. The weather forecast says that this weather is going to continue throughout the weekend. I hope this stormy weather stops by July 4th! We had so many fun activities planned for the weekend, but we might have to rearrange our schedules to accommodate the weather. Either way, a little rain isn't going to stop the cohort from studying or taking in all that New York has to offer. 
The flatiron building in NYC

Shake shack before the storm

The cute vintage shop 

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