Thursday, July 10, 2014

Going Out with a Bang

Today, my friends and I tried to go to East Village. According to them, East Village used to be a counterculture headquarters so I assumed that it would be similar to some of the hippie areas of San Francisco. We all got on the subway to go and started walking towards our destination, but at one point, I noticed the next street was labeled Avenue A and I realized we were heading towards Alphabet City. I had my group turn around and help decide what else we could do because I was not going into that part of town. Since we were in such a large group, we were all safe, but if I wouldn't want to be in that part of New York by myself.

For a while, we were all standing around waiting for everyone to come up with something that we could all agree on. This never actually happened, but Bria decided that we should get out of the radius of Alphabet City so she called an uber that picked us all up and bought us back to campus. When we got back in the dorm, everyone on my floor started chatting with each other and ordering food. After our talk was done, I decided to take a shower, work on my blog, and go to bed. After I come out of the shower, I go into my open room wrapped in a towel and as I close the door behind me, I see someone in a white bird masquerade mask standing there. Instinctively, I scream, but then I came to my senses and realized that it was Lulu playing a prank on me. I ended the night with a bang to say the least!

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  1. Better safe than sorry! Good job avoiding questionable areas!