Sunday, July 6, 2014

I'm on a Boat!

We started our day fairly late today, at 2pm. That actually worked to my advantage! I was able to work a bit more on my report, read, and go for a run. 

When we met up at 2pm, our first stop was a cruise tour. This tour was definitely one of the most fun tours we have been on! We traveled in a semi-circle around manhattan, where we were able to see the beautiful skyline, the Statue of Liberty, and the Brooklyn Bridge. The angle at which we saw all these monuments was just so unique; there was no way that on land we would be able to see what we saw. For the most part, I stayed out on the deck so I could really soak in all my surroundings. It was a tad windy, but completely worth it for the view. 
The view from the boat. 
Next we took a stroll over to the High Line Park. We were planing on eating somewhere near the Chelsea Market, so strolling though the High Line Park was a perfect, relaxing way to get there. We decided on this hip Italian restaurant called Seraphina. I ordered a spinach ravioli with a side of ratatouille. Everything was so amazing! Maybe it was because I was starving, but every bite of that dish was delicious. 
After dinner went to the Brooklyn bridge. Dinner ran a bit late, so we were only able to walk about halfway through the bridge. It was just spectacular at night! The skyline was lit by office lights, and the water was glistening with the reflection of all the lights. I was so happy we got the chance to walk the bridge, especially at such an hour. 
The Brooklyn Bridge at night.

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  1. What a beautiful picture of the view from the bridge! I hope some of mine turned out this nice.