Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Quality Time

Today, I stayed on campus and although my day was very uneventful, it was still very meaningful. After school ended, I met with some of my friends and we decided to watch the Netherlands versus Armenia game. It was probably the most boring game I’ve ever seen, but I was able to talk with my friends and make fun of the players which made it more enjoyable. After the game ended, we decided to go to the school talent show. It started off good with lots of singing, but soon, stand-up comedians started going on stage and putting on horrible performances that weren’t very funny. After the show ended, my friends and I went back up to the dorms to relax. We all exchanged contact information and watched one of my favorite comedies, We’re the Millers. Overall, my day was pretty good. I got to spend some quality time talking to my friends while I can still see them in person—a privilege I will soon lose.

1 comment:

  1. I'm sure these relationships that you are making will be some of your most precious memories from the whole trip.