Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Moments of Truth

I had some of the hardest questions asked by the professor today. He asked about the death penalty and how it should be determined to enact once someone commits a crime. He also asked if we thought it was right for some states to have the death penalty and others don't. I find it very difficult to put a value on life and so I didn't answer most of these questions because in my mind there unanswerable. He said most states refrain from using the death penalty because of human dignity. When he asked us what we thought human dignity was I responded by saying that,” Dignity is the concept of everyone having a valuable life, and that no matter what wrongs you do, your life is still worth something because everyone is born for a reason.” I can see as this class goes on the topics start getting really hard to answer and that the answer you give tells someone the way you think about certain sensitive topics. After that we played constitutional jeopardy which is a game in which we answer questions to win points, and whoever has more points wins.

One of two things I was really looking forward to was playing soccer today in the mock World Cup. We got all the way to the semi-finals and lost to Columbia. It was still really impressive to see us go that far because none of us ever played with each other, and none of us played soccer competitively. The team we were facing looked as if they played more soccer then us and had way more tempo on the offensive side. We ended up losing five to three and I have to admit I was pretty mad, but seeing us get that far made me like soccer. After playing with a team, running around a lot, seeing the passing game, I grew an interest in soccer. I believe that I will try to play soccer more, now that I have had this experience. I’m really glad I signed up for the tournament because it really opened my eyes to soccer (and maybe the World Cup did too)

The second thing I did was go to the Imperial Theatre to watch Les Miserables. Now that I think about it, I thought I wasn’t going to like musicals but hearing the beauty in their voice, and the way they can speak and sing at the same time while being comprehensive was totally amazing. I’m definitely having some realizations on being so narrow minded. I thought what I did already was open enough, but now I see that there are tons of things to do in the world. I’m going to be more open and definitely try new things and not shy away from anything that makes me uncomfortable.

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  1. I'm so impressed by the way you have taken to your theater experiences on this trip. I remember before the trip you telling me you only were interested in comedies. Now, you are willing to taken almost anything and see how you like it.