Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cart Back on the Wheels

I thought that class was fascinating today. We watched a documentary about the release of the Pentagon Papers and Daniel Ellsberg's involvement. A lot of people thought that the movie was boring and were falling asleep but I was particularly interested in it. This was because I read a book called The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien. It changed my opinion on the Vietnam War and allowed me to understand the extreme consequences that this war had on its soldiers and the Vietnamese people. I think that Daniel Ellsberg's choice to release the papers was crucial to ending the war and the impeachment of Richard Nixon. Ellsberg is now on my list of historical heroes. :)

I started feeling a little under the weather yesterday. My throat started swelling up while I was on an RA trip. Good news though is that, I saw Laurence Fishburne and his wife and child. I wanted to go up and ask for an autograph. I figured it'd be disrespectful though but I thought it was cool to see such a famous actor. I decided to start working on a souvenir for my sister. Because she lives in New York, I wanted it to be special.
I hope you like it Adrianne. After that I made a new friend Joni, and we grabbed some dinner. But I really wanted to head back to my dorm and I ran into Lisa on the way. We had a quick conversation and she gave me some ibuprofen. I plan to be feeling better after I get some Dayquil.

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