Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Finding Fireflies

Our discussion was based around an article about Obama today. We started by analyzing George Washington and now we're already analyzing the last president. Like the Bush article, the author centered around criticisms of Obama. The main difference is that he was in favor of Obama instead of against him. So many people criticize Obama's presidency, but they fail to recognize the state of the country that he was left with. America was in one of its biggest financial crises as large banks and major car companies were failing. The author said that we tend to focus on the negatives while we ignore the positives and circumstances. The last part of our discussion was about predicting the next president. I think it might be Hillary Clinton, but there's a chance that a Republican would win too. We have our last reading assignment tonight and it's about presidential power in general.

Unlike the past two days, I stayed on campus today. My paper is due on Friday and I want to make sure that I have enough time to ask the TA to look over it. I gave her the pages I have, but I have about two more pages to write now.

Staying on campus and working on this paper doesn't mean that there's no room for fun though! The school hosted a talent show outside. Students sang, dance, and told jokes. There was even a girl who played the piano with one arm! There is so much talent in one place. We saw a few fireflies circling the area and decided to look for more. We didn't actually find any more, but we decided to continue exploring, and I went to Columbia's gym for the first time.  
People performing in front of Butler Library 

People playing volleyball in the gym

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  1. Sounds like a nice day. I love seeing the fireflies, too. It's a reminder that we aren't in California!