Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I'll Not Be the Judge

As my time here is quickly coming to a close, I am very grateful for everything I have learned so far.I took this class because I wanted to learn about the Constitution and all it's policies that have to be interpreted for three main reason. Firstly, I thought that it would be really cool to understand my interaction with the government and the liberties I have and others may or may not have. Secondly, I wanted to use the knowledge this class would give me and its open-discussion format to help my debate team in Pinole. And thirdly, I wanted to see if political-science and law would be something I would like to pursue as a career or study in college. I have realized that I have satisfied all three of my reasons, but I cannot say that I would be interested in pursuing political-science and law after high school. I like the class a lot, but I cannot imagine myself majoring in law because there are so many loopholes and different ways of interpreting documents of law. I feel that I would be very responsible for doing my best in judging what would be right for government and society which is too much pressure for a subject where my intentions would never fully be in place.
Nonetheless, I have my field-trip tomorrow and I am very excited for it! We are going to view a narcotics case in the New York City Court and afterwards we get to ask one of the judges questions. I have a feeling that it will be fun and informative. I also hope that it will help me get a better understanding of how the court system works up close.

Today, I mainly worked on my final paper and I am pretty happy with how it turned out, considering it was about acting like a Supreme Court judge and I have never written in a position like that. Finishing it is just another reminder that my time in the East Coast is almost over. It just gets sadder by the day. But, my time here continues to be fulfilling and I still have one more assignment in class: the final debate. It should be interesting and I did a little research. It is a debate regarding a hypothetical person's rights under a death row sentence. To take a break from my paper earlier, I went to the talent show at 8:15 with Michelle. It had just finished raining, (and I thought California weather was random) but there was still a crowd. We watched people with a lot of talent perform on a stage on Low Steps. It was mainly singers and a dance performance or two. The people here are really talented, I wish I could have showcased something for myself. Today was a good day and I finished all of my work as well as watched some good talents. I still cannot believe that I am going to have to leave this amazing place. But first, I meet up at the subway bright and early tomorrow morning to head to court.
After the storm and on the way to the talent show, Low Library

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  1. I'm looking forward to talking with you about your court experience. It sounds like a great way to get some real insight into the system and how judges go about making their decisions.