Sunday, July 6, 2014

Making the Most of My Time

I started off my day a little late with my group approximately at 2:00 PM. Within those hours I had before the meeting, I was able to get more sleep and do my laundry. I remember the last time I did my laundry; I called my parents to ask for help. This time I was able to separate my clothes and put in the detergent all by myself. I'm not going to lie I felt proud because I usually ask for help every time but this time I was independent. Later on, I went to meet up with my group and we decided on boarding a ferry to see Manhattan. Luckily when we got there, we bought tickets for a cruise at the same time we got there, and we were able to board the next ferry that was leaving.
Brooklyn Bridge at night

Brooklyn Bridge during the day

When we got on the boat I was so excited because I was going to go see the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge up close and personal. Being on the boat let me reflect on my life a little bit especially this trip that I'm on. I reflected on my life because I got a call from my Dad that morning and he reminded me of how proud he was of me. He told me that as far as I've gotten, it has made him happier then anytime in his life (except for meeting my mom of course). I looked back on what I've done to come this far, and then I was finally happy with what I have accomplished. The reason I say this is because whole on this trip I've been comparing myself to the other students around me. It was definitely the wrong thing to do and I'm now just focusing on if I did my best and if I could've done better. At the end of the day only I know what I can and can't do.

After that reflection, I went ahead and started to just focus on the scenery surrounding me. It was so cool passing by the statue of liberty and seeing the Brooklyn bridge multiple times; I say multiple times because later on I walked half of the Brooklyn Bridge. I had a great day saw High Line Park, and did way more things that I thought I could fit in a day. When we walked half the Brooklyn bridge we all agreed that it was different from seeing it in broad daylight. I enjoyed the fresh air and the fact that we were elevated higher then the cars. Fun times!

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  1. I love your picture of the Brooklyn bridge at night-- the lens flare is awesome! It was thrilling to be up there above the traffic!