Thursday, July 10, 2014

Columbia Comprehension

Since class was nearing an end, my professor decided to take some time out of the class to discuss college. He stressed the most important part about choosing a college was how comfortable a student felt in that environment. Even if someone got into a top-tier school, that didn't matter. What matters is that a student feels like they can thrive in a certain surrounding. Our class TA also spoke about college as well. She is a rising sophomore attending Vanderbilt. She talked about the very general college stuff: how she adjusted, how her life changed, and what we could do to stay focused on academics. 

A lot of people have given advice about being comfortable in a school's environment, but hearing it from my professor was different somehow. After he spoke, it really made me think that as much as academics were important, finding a place where I fit is also a very vital part of my happiness at a college.

After lecture, Ms. Thrift had scheduled for us to have a lunch with some current Columbia students. We all met up at a small Ethiopian cafe, which was very cool because I had never tried Ethiopian food before! We met four students: Beulah, Emerald, Ellie, and Heather. They were all very informative to talk to! I did realize that Columbia might not have been the place for me though. I was actually happy that we had this get-together; I've been taking a class here for nearly three weeks and I barely know much about this school! The turn off for me was the way competition was portrayed in this school. I understood what Emerald was saying, that with the amassment of such smart people, there was bound to be competition, but the way she was describing it just didn't sound like I would fit in.   
After all my classes, I headed out on a RA trip to the top of the Rockefeller Center with Lisa and Justin. We bought tickets so we could catch the sunset! The skies were fairly overcast, but nonetheless, the view was amazing. As it slowly got darker, the lights began to illuminate the darkening sky. It truly was an amazing sight. 
Such an eye-opening experience called for some sweets to celebrate! Lisa and I headed to Magnolia Bakery to pick up some delicious desserts. I went for the red velvet cupcake! It was light, airy, but still moist. I rate that cupcake an 11/10 hands down. 

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  1. I think one of the things I'll miss most about NYC is all the fabulous foods to try! Whether it be a new type of dinner from a far-a-way land or a delectable dessert from a world famous chief--it's all so wonderful!