Saturday, July 12, 2014

Everything Piecing Together

My last day unfolded amazingly. In class I had a debate I had to participate in and my role was the closing statement. I enjoyed my last day of class but at the same time felt sad because I would have to leave behind all these wonderful people. I loved my class especially the fact that a lot of people shared some of the same opinions that I did, and some added to my opinions on politics. The class ended with professor Luke asking us all if we learned anything new about law during these three weeks. My first answer was saying that there were distinctions between constitutional arguments and moral arguments. I learned how to further explain and defend the claims I made in class because the professor would always question every bit of information that I threw out during my arguments. What made the class flow was this freedom and the fact that no one took anything to seriously but took things with an open mind.
After always doing my own thing like going out on trips or getting home early to do homework, I was finally able to hang out with my roommates. They would always complain about me being busy or not coming with them, so now on the final day I went and had a great time while sharing a good experience. We went to Shake Shack and then walked around Rockefeller Center and the expensive brand name shops. Shake Shack is definitely better than In-N-Out even though it pains me to admit something like that. Their quality in burger surpasses In-N-Out and the service there is very reasonable for the price that is charged. The burger had some of the best meat I've tasted in a fast food burger and what made it good was that a lot of them were cooked to be medium well, which gave the burger a nice moist flavor. After that we walked around toward the south side of Central park and I even bought one of the coolest posters I've ever seen. It was a pure spray paint made poster.
So crazy, this is all spray paint and painters tools.
My class although missing the photographer Christian who honorably offered to take the picture.
Finally I went to the last dance that was semi formal, and I really enjoyed dancing because I felt comfortable being silly around these new people. When I noticed that I was being more free in my character, I realized that these are the type of people I want to meet in college. Hopefully in the future I will see or go to the same school with some of the friends I made here. Even though they're leaving, I feel as if I made my mark on every bit of the country and the world by making friends with everyone from all different places. The reason I say this is because I urged every single person I met to read my blog and tell me what they thought about it. I'm glad I ended my day by remembering the good I've done instead of the fact that I won't encounter those same type of people in the Bay Area.
These are the greatest bs players ever. Guy in pink shorts is Ashton, Columbia shirt is Shubhu and white pants is Aidrian.
The Best hall mates I could ever ask for!
At the dance.
Goodbye Columbia, I will miss you and especially the students and teachers you bring to your area.

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  1. We see this so often, Justin, in that our ILCers start out all homesick for their friends and family and then as it comes closer to heading home they don't want to leave their new friends and surroundings.

    Glad to see that you made friends and had a 'decent' time.