Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Shake Shack, Thunder Clap

If you've ever wondered what it feels like to be steamed alive, New York in the summer is just your place.

This morning, I stepped foot outside of my nicely air conditioned building and... Boom. The heat hit me like an iron pan. It has mainly just been today and yesterday that has been this way, but my oh my is it a big change from the breezy Bay Area! Luckily, I've been able to duck in and out of cooled buildings most of the day.

After all my classes today, I signed up to go on an RA trip to Shake Shack. For those of you from the West Coast, that is the East Coast's equivalent of an In-N-Out Burger joint. Maybe the walk there made me hungry or something, but I actually liked it better than In-N-Out. First off, the fries were waffle cut, which made the fries crispier. Second, the burger was much leaner and heartier. They also had frozen custard. I actually had to eat my dessert first because the custard was melting second by second in the heat (a very valid excuse). Overall, I absolutely loved Shake Shack, and wished we had one over on the West Coast! 
Disclaimer: My sister goes to UC Davis, which
basically is like the land of bikes.

After our delicious food, we headed over to a vintage ceramics shop called Fishs Eddy. I wanted to pick up a cute mug for my sister during this trip, so coming here was perfect! I ended up finding this adorable mug for her. 
The stormy skies.

The trek back to Columbia was the real struggle. As we were heading to the subway from Fishs Eddy, it began sprinkling. I didn't think much of it; last time it "rained" here, it was for maybe five minutes and was only a light sprinkle. But this time was certainly not just a light sprinkle. It started pouring within seconds. I was immediately soaked! I didn't bring a jacket or umbrella because I didn't even know it was going to rain! 

We made it back safely and luckily, during a time when the storm was relatively calm. I was amazed that storms like this one-- with thunder and lightning-- occurred during the summer. Fingers crossed that tomorrow will show clear skies!  

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