Sunday, July 13, 2014

Not the End Not Yet

 I came home today and all my thoughts and feelings about New York repeated through my head. I miss New York so much I hate to leave. The people there were great and the city life was so appealing to me because there was an endless amount of things to do. Although I left in body, I haven't left the people of Columbia in mind or spirit. All of the time I spent with my friends, the days in class with my wonderful professors, and the generous free time, will never be forgotten. 

Everything I did in New York will be a part of me because it was such an amazing experience. The people from around the world I met, the intellectual people I talked to, and all different type of political people I saw, will stay with me as a reminder to tell me each and everyday that I'm different. Even though a lot of them were smarter then me, I know that I did the best I can given the situation I was in. Never be discouraged because someone is better then you, use that as motivation to be better then them. Because they're better then me, they helped me realize that I still have to work even harder. The people there have taught me how to be even more open, especially to new ideas and new cultures.

I appreciate everything that the people I met in New York have done for me and I promise your efforts will not go to waste. I will make use of this experience and help others to be in the same position I was in. The lessons I learned and the experience I had will be passed on and will help people succeed. Thanks so much Ivy League Connection for you have given me this amazing blessing and I will make sure I share this blessing. Keep making teenage dreams come true!

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