Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Rain, Rain, Go Away, Please Become a Clearer Day

The rain was really terrible today, but because I get to live on the top floor I got to see all the lightning strikes. :) I had originally planned to go to the Brooklyn bridge with some friends but the RA trips got cancelled, for the second day in a row, because of the storm. Even though I was disappointed I decided to use this time to call back home and talk to my family members and friends who I hadn't in a while. It was refreshing to know that they've been keeping up with my blogs and that they enjoy reading them. Thank you for all your support you guys! I also got to chill with my roommates who also stayed in and got to know them a little better.

Earlier in the day was more eventful for me however because I got a chance to participate in an actual debate. The ones at my school were never as organized and often times people didn't actual try to get involved. It was nice to be able to participate in classroom environment that fostered us as students using what we already learned to create comprehensive arguments. I argued that inciting individuals into violent actions, is not protected by the first amendment. I liked that I got a chance to write my own argument as well because our class has been focused on reading and less writing. It takes me a while to sometimes remember how much writing means to me and the type of person I would be without it.

Now that I'm almost entering the last week, I'm starting to feel more clear about what I want to pursue when I come back home. I've been thinking about what I want to get involved in during my senior year, and also where I want to apply to college. I will be applying to some Ivy Leagues, but it has been beneficial for me to actually see them and be apart of the college experience so that I can learn which curriculum and student culture would make the best fit for me. It has also made me realize that many of the students I will be going to college with may be better prepared than I am right now, which is why I want to spend the following year studying in depth. I am ready to enjoy my last weekend here and get ready to go to work when I get back home. : ) Toodles

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