Friday, July 4, 2014

When the Clock Strikes Midnight...

Words can't even express how remarkable today was. It seemed like everything was going to go wrong from the beginning. Originally, we were supposed to have this awesome day at Coney Island. We were going to go to the beach, watch the hot dog eating contest, visit the aquarium, go on the rides, and then stay to see the fireworks. All of our plans were cancelled because we thought it was going to rain. I thought the day would have ended up boring and rainy...

In all honesty, the day started off pretty badly. My suite mates planned to go to the Ed Sheeran concert, so six different alarms were going off at 4AM. I decided to just go with them since I was already up, but when we got to the first floor, two RAs told us that there was a huge chance that the concert would be moved indoors due to the weather. They also said that we wouldn't be let in because only those with reservations would be allowed to enter, so that plan was scrapped. We all went back upstairs before we realized that there was a Jason Derulo concert in Central Park! We rushed back down just to hear the RAs tell us that a hurricane was heading this way. It wasn't logical to go out during a hurricane, so we all decided to go back to sleep again. By the time we woke up, we were already hearing tons of people talking about their trips to the concerts. We were all kind of bummed out, but the day was still young! Everyone planned out the rest of the places they wanted to visit.

Fast forward throughout the day, I ate breakfast and visited the MET for the second time. We came back because we didn't get to finish viewing all of the exhibits last time. I saw the photography, Arab, lost kingdoms, armor, and European exhibits this time. Seeing all the beautiful porcelain plates was my favorite. They were all so glossy and colorful. Everyone spent a good two and a half hours or so before heading back to the dorms. 
One of the many decorative plates in the museum

The collection of glass in the American Wing
The evening was the highlight of the day. Emily, Lisa, Keira, and I took the subway to the Brooklyn Bridge. Macy's was going to have a spectacular fireworks show above the bridge. We had to push our way through a bunch of people to get a spot. We stood for an hour or so before seeing fireworks spark...behind a big tree.We had to keep moving until we got decent views of the fireworks. There were smiley faces, sparklers, and every other type of fireworks you could think of. We all stood in awe as the last burst of fireworks shot in the sky. 

The rush continued as we ran to the subway station and scrambled to find our way to the Empire State building. It was already 11 and our curfew was midnight. We didn't think a lot of people would be there, but we thought wrong. There were tons of lines and partitions to keep us walking in loops. There was a big mishap with our tickets and we found out that we would have to stand in another 30 minute line to get up to the 86th floor. My ticket was already scanned, which eliminated my option of coming back another day. Gordon, a superb staff member, listened to our curfew story and agreed to speed us through the process. We skipped all the lines and reached the floor in three minutes. There was only enough time to take pictures for 15 minutes. The breeze was so refreshing. We were surrounded by lights and people. It was the most spectacular view I have ever seen. The adrenaline of having to rush made the experience even more exhilarating. Alas, it was time to go before we missed curfew. In this moment, we were all Cinderella and we had to leave before our July 4th adventure ended(and before we all got in trouble with our resident assistants). Full of laughs and smiles, we made it onto campus with twenty minutes to spare!

Emily, Lisa, and I

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