Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Good Day

I had a good day, except for the fact that I was feeling pretty sick. I went to health services and they said that it's a possibility that I have pinkeye in both of my eyes, a cold sore on my lip, and that my cold isn't getting any better and might have gotten worse. Luckily I got some effective eye drops and I should be better by the time I get back home.

Unfortunately I missed class, but I was able to use to this time to catch up on writing my paper. I did not deem affirmative action unconstitutional, but I did deem it to be ineffective in certain cases. I know firsthand that just bringing students into a school of different races doesn't necessarily mean that it is "integrated." I think that when students are working towards a common goal and are respective of each other's backgrounds, that is when a school becomes integrated. Because this is a controversial topic, I'm not going to write too much about it in my blog but, I think that it is important to be educated about these issues and what causes them to be controversial.

I spent the rest of my day with my friends, eating dinner with them and hanging out. Although they can't replace my friends back home, I definitely feel a connection with them and am going to miss them. I want to keep in contact with the ones that do live in California and if they come up to NorCal I want to give them a tour of the Bay! I'm still looking forward to coming home soon and I can't wait to see everybody back at home. Love you guys, toodles. :)

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