Thursday, July 3, 2014

Good Enough To Go Out

Class keeps getting interesting, as we continue we get to the more modern and contemporary cases. At first we talked about Marbury v. Madison and now Plessy v. Ferguson. I thought today the cases were going to be easy but the professor surprised us. All the cases were more like the ends justifying the means instead of it being the other way around. He questioned the constitutionality of this reasoning and then asked if its the job of the court to make everyone feel equal and if so, what is equality. He gave us two reasoning from a philosophical view, the flat equality and proportional equality. Fundamentally flat equality means if I get a cookie then my brother gets a cookie, but in proportionality; if my brother is smaller then me and I'm bigger then him, then I will need more food to be satisfied compared to the food my smaller brother gets. I'm really enjoying this discussion based class and I hope I still get challenged in the future.

Then I went to the South Seaport and unexpectedly, It was right by the world trade center and wall street. It was pretty cool to revisit that area and I was still able to feel the influence of the 9/11 museum. This time I just visited the shops around the pier and then was able to get a really good view of the Manhattan and the Brooklyn bridge. It reminded me about Pier 39 back at home but it was different because at the seaport there were bridges. I saw a little bit of art and was limited to an hour there because there was a a storm supposed to be coming. My friend Derrick accompanied me and luckily he is a sailor so he had a good prediction of when he thought it was going to rain. He was definitely right because he was a sailor and it actually helped him, unlike that SAT exam which doesn't help you in life. Well we left early and I was able to lead us back to Columbia on the subway. We later found out that his estimate was right and that it started pouring.

Brooklyn Bridge

My friend Derek and I.
While it was pouring I had the urge for milk, so I went on a dangerous journey through the three inches of water and speeding cars to go bring the milk home. Now what's milk without cookies we thought. We bought these Insomnia cookies that were delivered to your door in less then half an hour. It was honestly the best cookie I have ever tasted, I felt so bad for making the guy come out in the terrible weather but I was sure to give him a good tip. I ended the day literally with milk and cookies, soothing way to reward myself.

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