Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tough Day

This is one of those days that just didn't go well for me. In contrast my class was the thing that was my most interesting part of the day. One thing I can't help but remember is the idea of the moment of silence at certain schools, and the Christmas tree being publicly shown. Our professor asked us if this infringed on the freedom of religion rights of the people in the respective communities where this happened. I thought about it for a while and let people answer, so after hearing other people's opinion I came up with my own answer. The Christmas tree was seen as a norm in certain communities, no longer seen as a Christian symbol. The Christmas tree is now used commercially and for celebration as opposed to ceremonial uses. In modern times it represents a symbol of giving, because the story behind it is for the children to be good boys and girls so they can receive gifts. Being good means giving to those in need and listening to your parents. In this way it is used for the entertainment and amusement for children adults; it's used as a holiday, to give the adults a break from work and to spend time with their children to celebrate. The moment of silence is just an opportunity for people who do practice a religion to practice their religion. For the rest of the population that don't practice a religion, they can do whatever they want like think and reflect on what they want. It's simply there to give people who do practice a religion a chance to practice it in school. It all depends on what the person interprets the moment of silence, and since it gives people the right to choose then it doesn't infringe on their rights.

My soccer game got cancelled today, and I was so mad because I ate a light meal just to be able to play at my full performance. The reason it got cancelled was because it was ninety degrees and had sixty percent humidity. These sort of numbers would dehydrate all of us and leave us too tired to participate in our next classes. Talking about the weather, it later rained and so my event got cancelled. It was really crazy how he day went today, it went from super hot to cold and raining. All I hear is thunder and water dripping from the gutter. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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