Thursday, July 3, 2014

Time is Flying

Class continuously becomes easier as I have gotten used to the work load. I got my quiz back today and I wish I did a little better. Well, I didn't do terrible (eight out of ten), but I definitely wanted to ace it since I am a perfectionist. That is one of my biggest downfalls; I wish everything was perfect, including myself, which leads to disappointments. I am learning to deal with it and learning not to dwell on what can't be helped but work on what can be improved. Aside from that, class was very interesting. We are starting to learn about the Constitutional issues surrounding racism and government.

After class, I texted Bryan from the Penn cohort asking him what he was up to since I knew he was on campus. Of course just as I am going up the elevator in my residential building, he texts me saying that the Penn cohort is by Low Library so Michelle and I head over to greet them. Bryan is a really good friend of mine from school and I was so happy to see him along with Donna from Middle College, another close friend of mine. It was really exciting and Mr. Hillyer invited Michelle and me to eat with them. We went to Koronet's, a pizza place I have only heard about. Supposedly, the pizza slices are as big as your head and neck! I need to stop underestimating New York because it really was huge! Michelle and I couldn't even finish one slice.
The pizza!
Afterward, we said goodbye to Penn and hoped Donna would feel better. It was awesome seeing them and got me to think that they are just only starting their journey on the East Coast. That meant that in about a week, my journey here will be over too. It is so sad because I feel like I just started here and my time is already so close to being over. I want to savor every moment here and make it last starting with my first Fourth of July away from home.

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