Saturday, July 5, 2014

Since I'm living on my own, I'm enjoying my freedom. I'm able to go where I want, do as I please, and eat where I choose. But with such great freedom comes great responsibility that everyone isn't able to handle. Throughout my duration at the camp, I've noticed a few general problems with people who are just gaining freedom. They don't eat well, they go to events they normally wouldn't go to, and they don't budget their money. We all have to learn basic skills of responsibility and decision-making, but some people handle this task better than others.

With the freedom to eat whatever I want, I could go crazy with the amount of cookies, cakes, and brownies that surround me everyday. When there's no parental guidance, I have to remember to eat healthy. One of the girls on my floor had been eating unhealthy foods regularly and now she's wondering why she's sick. People also need to keep in mind that when they eat out, one needs to refrigerate their food--this also caused someone to get sick. 

Another thing that I've seen on my trip is peer pressure. Often times, when there isn't a parent looking over one's shoulder, one doesn't use the same logic and moral reasoning they normally would and will do things just because one's friends are doing it. I saw this when one of my friends didn't want to go to a hookah bar, but all his other friends were going so he ended up going too. When he came back, he said he didn't enjoy himself and he just wanted to impress his friends. Sometimes when I get invitations, I have to think about if I'm doing the right thing or if I'm doing something to fit in with the crowd. 

I'm normally a good at budgeting, but when I constantly want to go out, it's harder to save my money. Even though I want to go out often, I to make sure I'm not spending too much. I still have enough money to enjoy myself on the trip, but one of the girls in my dorm is down to less than $20. She doesn't know why she's losing so much money, but she's always eating out or shopping.

I love the independence I have on the trip, but it's hard for some people to manage themselves without any parents around. This has been a great learning experience for me and all the students at the program. We've been able to get a chance to experience what it'll be like when we go to college and we'll be much more prepared than other people who don't get opportunities like this. 

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  1. I like this post a lot. As fun as it is to hear about your travels, it's also nice to see how the trip is changing your thinking.