Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sensitive Feelings

Really crazy day today. I will start off by saying kudos to my teacher for bringing in a controversial issue and leaving the class in a calmly fashion without starting any arguments. We touched on the beginnings of right to privacy and abortion. For the sake of keeping discretion,  will only say my partial opinion on this matter. I believe that women do have a right to choose what they want to do with their bodies, and  women have the right to determine how they feel there lives would play out if they were to have a baby. I think we can all agree that having a baby is a big responsibility and caries a large amount of work, both mental and emotional. I'm in agreement with the trimester plan because it allows for a time for the parents to weigh their options and avoids an inhumane abortion.

After lunch, I went to a seminar about the road to justice. Jim Dwyer, winner of two pulitzer prize, talked about why we have a false pretense of our justice system. A good example he showed us was through a video and revealed the procedure of choosing a suspect. He gave us six pictures of different looking guys and tricked all of us into thinking that the criminal was in the  choices that he presented to us. This showed that even after seeing the crime, our mind tells us to blame someone even if we know  that he/she isn't the perpetrator. I'm now convinced that I have to see some compelling evidence just to even name a suspect.

I ended my day with a bang by going to the one place I feel at home, a basketball court. I visited the historical landmark of basketball, Ruckers Park in Harlem. It was the most amazing feeling ever to know that many NBA player's game originated from that court. I came just in time to see a tournament about to start so I was able to shoot a few buckets before it started. I was ecstatic when I made my first basket but then I was kicked off because the game was going to start. While I was there I thanked the guys that played with me and said thanks to the guy who let me play on the court. I felt like a community their because everyone their was able to focus on basketball and not pay attention to outside distractions.

I'm going to try to finish everything I want to do here in New York so wish me luck!

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  1. I'm so happy that you made it to the courts!!! I know this was one of your top 10 and it was hard for us to fit in as a group. Plus you got to play and watch a tournament --sounds great!