Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summertime Sweet Tooth

This morning, my head was not it class and I couldn't shake it. I felt bad because I knew I should have been listening but my mind kept wandering off to different places and everyday in class is important. After lunch, I was able to get my mind back together and take today's quiz then debate. I always feel a little uncertain about myself after quizzes (especially in this class), so I can't wait until they are passed back. After the quiz was the debate. My group was the last to go up and I felt confident. At lunch, Whit, Christian, and I went to the library to prepare the opening statement. I had not written out everything until then and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get all of my thoughts on paper, but Whit and Christian are really helpful and kept a positive vibe the entire time. I felt pretty good after the debate, mostly because I missed debating on my school's Forensics team and the confidence it gives me during the school year, but also because we had a solid case.
Christian and Whit; my debate partners

After class, some friends and I went out. But the moment we left the dorm building it started raining! And I don't mean a light drizzle, I mean a storm with heavy rain, thunder, lightning, but worst of all, heat. I've never experienced a hot rain storm and it was really odd not having to put on layers, but rather wanting to take off layers in the storm. That killed most options for a night out. However, we all made it work and headed to Times Square to watch a movie, but first heading to the infamous ShakeShack, a burger and shake joint known for its greasy and delicious food. It was pretty yummy, but I think it is overrated (unpopular opinion), but that might just be because the place was crowded of people avoiding the rain. Afterward, we went to watch How to Train Your Dragon 2. It was a lot of fun and I think the movie was great. To end our night in Times Square, we grabbed some sweets from Cake Boss Cafe. That is the bakery featured on television for the elaborate cakes and sweets which I am a big fan of. I was so excited to go! I had a shortbread pecan cookie and it was delicious.
Kiss the cook baker

Delicious deserts!
I think I proved that I have a big sweet-tooth already, so when my RA walked in with Insomnia Cookies, which are very popular on the East Coast, I couldn't resist! I just hope that sugar-high won't keep me up tonight. Today has been good and once tomorrow is over, I can look forward to Fourth of July!

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