Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Learning Experiences

In class we discussed the certain forms of expression. The professor brought up the point about using sex as an art or expression. He asked, "where do you draw the line that separates sex that contributes to the plot, and sex that is just obscene?" During the discussion a standard emerged in which sex is obscene when it has no artistic, literary, artful meaning. Basically, if the material doesn't have any significance in wherever it's showed then it's counted as obscene. He then brought up the point of pornography related issues. I in particular responded by telling him that those things aren't really exposed in the sense that for someone to actually see pornography they would have to seek it out. Nowadays there are many filters and many sites that warn you of the obscenity so it is your choice whether or not you want to see it. You have the freedom to choose what you want and don't want to see. It was really interesting how he can make a lot of these hypothetical and still be able to maintain the gist of the conversation. I can see myself progressively becoming a more critical thinker because I'm responding to these questions on the spot most of the time. This class is helping me come up with arguments that are more concrete and guides me to make sense of the restraints that we have under the constitution and at the same time the protections we have.

Highlight of the day was advancing to the semi finals in the soccer tournament here. We made it so all the teams were the nations playing in the World Cup. I'm playing for Mexico and I was really surprised how good we did today. Me personally I never played soccer until I arrived here, I saw myself and prove with the help of my team I was able to do some good for the team. I see that I can learn something new everyday. I finally learned how to kick the ball to have a more accurate direction, and then I even assisted my friend for two of the three goals that we scored. I was really proud of myself today because even though I like to take leadership role, or that I like to be a big asset for the team, I was able to take a backseat and help my team win.

ps. Can't wait for fourth of July

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