Monday, July 7, 2014

New York Stroll

Somehow when I wake up late I do things more quickly. I’m noticing that when I have less time to do things, I get things done quicker. I did another round of community service today; I went to the senior center to help the elderly navigate the internet. It was so adorable seeing them all attentive and writing down notes from everything we said. We taught them some of the basics on using Facebook and using a Gmail. It was really fun to see the younger generation teaching the older generation, because in my mind the younger generation is supposed to learn from the wisdom of those with more experience. I was glad to give back some of my knowledge to the people who basically helped raise most of the children of the present generation.

I remember in the second session of class, my professor brought up privacy and asked us what’s intrusive. He asked us if there was a better way to suppress evidence instead of just relying on the exclusion rule. The exclusionary states that any evidence that was acquired unlawfully must be suppressed during trial. It was really hard just thinking about making up a better rule then the one accepted in today’s society. I enjoy the challenging questions but sometimes I wish I had more experience so I’m able to give a good answer. He brought up a good trend that I didn't see in the right to privacy amendment. As time goes on and technology gets more advanced, the originalists of the constitution say that all these sense enhancing technology that give people an advantage in seeing hearing or feeling more than the average man, does not fall under the fourth amendment. That’s happening because in present day, a lot of people say for a search to happen it has to be physical and not in any other form.

As the day went on I really had no set plan but I know there wasn’t going to be any wasted time for me today. I decided to go to Flight Club today to see all the Air Jordans they had and to witness firsthand the outrageous prices. I did what people call window shopping, which is simply looking at things in the stores and not buying. Right around that shoe shop was Union Square, so I passed right by and took some pictures. I even saw a guy hand feed some squirrels. It was really beautiful to just continue exploring the city even though I’ve been to a good amount of places already. I’m nearing the end of the session, so I just want to do as much as I can.

Later, I went with my roommate to Katz Deicatessen to get a pastrami sandwich and it was really worth the wait. It was so delicious that now that I think of it, I’m glad I took the time out of my day to visit this specific restaurant. My friend had to tell me that this was the place where a scene from “When Harry Met Sally”. Such a good day, I’m glad I’m managing my time better then I was when I got here.

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