Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Seriously, Why do Printers Hate Me?

I started off the morning with a cohort meeting. We didn't have any plans to discuss until Thursday, so today was mainly just a check in.

In class, the homework we had turned in the day before had already been graded. I was not the happiest when I received a 8.5/10, and with the last assignment coming up, I knew I had to get some help from the TAs during lunch. Its not that an 8.5 is a bad grade, but as my mother says, there is always room for improvement! Also, being able to write at a college level is a very important skill to have; what better time to learn it than now? 

Fifteen minutes before my discussion class, I tried to print out my paper. My UNI login was not working, and I panicked! The paper was due very soon! Luckily, another student who was in the computer lab was willing to let me use his login, and I was saved. After that panic, I headed to class to find that my TA was okay with us emailing the paper to him. I was a little sad that I went through that crisis moment, but nonetheless, I made it through and got to class on time, which was the only important thing.

I know in practically every blog post for the past few days I have been complaining about going home, but the feeling is hitting me harder and harder as we approach departure day. I read somewhere that it takes about three weeks to form a habit (or get used to something) which is almost how long I've been at Columbia for! I have a daily routine set already; breaking out of that will feel very weird. This almost feels like the school year ending, except for the fact that I'm not happy for it to end. I feel like I have met so many new people here, and have gotten really close to them, and to think that I won't see them again (or at least for a while) is such a strange thought. I passed these people on my way to class, ate meals with them, stayed up late talking with them, and went on adventures with them. I will truly miss all those interactions with them, even if they are small things. It's the small things you miss the most sometimes.

To end things on a positive note, I had a really fun meeting with my dormmates tonight; we talked and hung out and ate cookies! No better way to get to treasure every last moment with each other than over some sweets!

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