Tuesday, July 8, 2014


On long days like this I always try remembering what I was doing in the morning because it feels so distant. This morning was ordinary and routine. The cohort met up and I had breakfast. It was perfectly normal, which now has me thinking that I have completely adjusted to life here. I keep on wondering how I will adjust to my old routine on the West Coast. Actually, I am even a little worried I will have forgotten how to drive since it's been so long. Even though my return to the West Coast is quickly approaching, there is still so much to do. I found out that my class is going on a field-trip Thursday (the same day our paper is due)! It is exciting and even a little stressful since I sometimes struggle to fit in as many things into one day as I can. Regardless, I am making progress on my paper and I feel like I have improved a lot in class. I managed to rack up some points in Constitutional Jeopardy today and- I must admit- I was proud of the team even though we lost (again).

Now, class is cool, but that cannot compare to my plans for the evening. Before I came to Columbia, I knew that I wanted to see a Broadway show, so when I got here I checked what was playing. Eager, Michelle and I got tickets for Les Miserables, the hit and spectacular musical, our first week here. I have been waiting for tonight for two weeks (which really flew by!) and it finally came. At five I got ready and hurriedly ate dinner before heading to Times Square with a group of Columbia High School  Program students. My adrenaline was pumping as we all stepped into Imperial Theatre and saw stands selling merchandise, red velvet on the walls, and TV screens advertising the musical.We found our seats and shortly after, it was seven and my wait was over.

Have you ever experienced something so incredible that words are not sufficient enough to express your emotions about that experience? Because I just did tonight. Les Miz was absolutely amazing and I wish it never ended. The entire musical was captivating, the orchestra was phenomenal, and the cast blew me away. I got two souvenirs because I do not want to forget the experience I had. The plot was centered around the French Revolution and its effects on peasants as well as a former prison slave's moral expressions among it all. The plot was very thick, but nevertheless, interesting. I think my favorite song was "Bring Him Home" performed by Jean Valjean (Ramin Karimloo), but the entire musical was truly outstanding. It was the best way to spend my money on Broadway and I am so glad I did. Michelle and I had a fantastic view and show. The title may indicate the misery of the people, but I know that the characters and cast are truly amazing.

I think this was the perfect first show on Broadway for me to see. Well, I am going off of what the lady sitting in front of me told me before the show, but I could tell she was right by intermission. Going to see Les Miz opened my eyes to the life of  theatre and all of its complexities. I also greatly appreciated the orchestra which actually performed under the stage! The story told was great and I think I'll be raving about it for a while. I am very satisfied with the way I have been spending my time in New York and I am looking forward to my lass field-trip.

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  1. I'm so glad you loved the show! It's a favorite of mine, too. The story and the music are so powerful.