Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Quiet Day

Today was another one of those "work" days. I did very productive things- I got laundry done, my homework, and even had a little time to talk on the phone with my sister for a bit. Even though I did not do much today, I still think that the experience of just being here makes every day vibrant.

Initially, I was going to go to Davey's Ice Cream Shop with Michelle today. Davey's is known for their fresh, homemade ice cream. Unfortunately, the RA that was going to lead that trip had to cancel due to a meeting. As sad as I was for the trip to be cancelled, it did allow me to get some important things done.

During breakfast, the cohort had a meeting to discuss plans for the rest of the week. The weather report forecasted rain for July 4th, and we slightly had to adjust our plans. Nonetheless, we are pretty much sticking to our plans! The agenda for that day sound so fun, I am super exited!

This experience seems to be whizzing by; the school week has been reduced one day, and next week is already the last week of this program! I remember the first week going by so slowly, I just wish that the rest of the trip would feel the same.

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