Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Some Familiarity

One of my favorite things to participate in school is debate, so when my professor said the class is going to participate in organized debates tomorrow, I got very excited. I'm in a group with really smart and cool people so I'm exited even though the topic seemed a bit challenging at first. Whit, Sydney, Christian, and I were assigned to debate for a fictional person named Lisa Stewart who published pamphlets against abortion (when my professor said Lisa, I thought, "It figures I'm being sued!"). It's fun to be involved in debate again and I'm looking forward to working with my group tomorrow.

Today was a very relaxed day for me because my plans to go out with my roommates got cancelled. My roommate, Nina from Brazil, turned fifteen today and we were all going to go out for cupcakes, but the trip was cancelled. That gave me time to get started on my topic for a paper due next week and study for tomorrow's quiz. For my paper topic, I chose to write about Plessy v. Ferguson, a case from the late 1800s that involved segregation and coined the term "separate, but equal". I chose this case and topic because I do not agree with the Supreme Court's ruling, so I want to write as if I were a judge and have my opinion heard.

Class today was fun and I got to relax afterward. It was nice and I like the direction this week is headed. I have some RA trips scheduled for the following days so I might as well enjoy my free time as much as I can before I explore more of the city.

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